Science & Research

Science & Research

The truth will set you free! Accurate and timely information is critically important to your well-being and quality of life. The explosion of unreliable information is another alarming form of “Toxicity in the Digital Age.” Navigating the knowledge explosion is no easy undertaking. Our Science and Research page is designed to help you rapidly identify relevant, reliable information that will enhance your health, happiness, and longevity. As information grows exponentially, the quality must be thoroughly vetted. The Science and Research section offers a concise synopsis of the relevant scientific research. Our goal is to do the heavy lifting on your journey creating happy, healthy longevity in your life.


One of the greatest advances in healthy longevity research has been discovering the evolutionary process of autophagy. When the body is depleted of energy and/or nutrients, it turns on this ancient protective mechanism called autophagy. The cells of your body switch from using food as an energy source to using junk (aggregated proteins and damaged organelles) in … Continue reading Autophagy

5G Hazards

Could the health risks of pulsed electromagnetic fields be worse than asbestos, smoking, and obesity combined? Humanity UpgradeTM does not disseminate conspiracy theories or engage in fear-driven limbic hi-jack. Apocalyptic rhetoric is more about capturing eyeballs than telling the truth. A quick look at history will inform you that there are a scant few well-documented … Continue reading 5G Hazards

Custom Cellular Nutrition

For many years, only world-class athletes experienced the amazing benefits of custom cellular nutrition. They gained a competitive advantage by focusing on optimal levels of essential nutrients while never overloading their bodies with substances that had little to no incremental value. More is not always better, and often, when it comes to high performance, too … Continue reading Custom Cellular Nutrition

Digi Detox Pills

Digi Detox Pills is a proprietary blend of superfoods inspired by NASA technology. While in space, astronauts take a similar formula of nutrients to counteract the effects of extremely toxic cosmic radiation. These harmful rays have been proven to directly damage DNA. Our Digi Detox Pills are specifically designed to help mitigate the ravages of … Continue reading Digi Detox Pills


When DNA was first identified, many scientists were certain they had found the “holy grail.” They were sure DNA would unlock the cause and create a cure for every disease. It was soon discovered that the factors determining the expression of your DNA is far more important. Thus, the science of epigenetics was born. Epigenetics began … Continue reading Epigenetics

Toxicity in the Digital Age

This is by far the greatest time in history to be alive. Steven Pinker in his book, Enlightenment Now, articulates this fact in exquisite detail. Every great transition in history has brought great advances and unforeseen challenges. Toxicity in the digital age is our current challenge and an alarming trend. For the first time in … Continue reading Toxicity in the Digital Age

Life Expansion and Wellness Report

Solving the Measurement Problem ‘The measurement problem’ is a euphemism borrowed from the domain of pop-culture physics. One of the spooky things about the fundamental nature of reality is that the act of measurement collapses the infinite number of possible results down to one. Many well-known physicists are not comfortable with this reality. This controversy … Continue reading Life Expansion and Wellness Report

Fasting and the Future of Health

Healthy Longevity Fasting is becoming an accepted health-longevity intervention. Long practiced by many religious disciplines, it fell out of favor in the modern era of abundant high calorie, low nutrition food. Today, there is an explosion of research on the benefits of fasting. Many experts trace this resurgent trend to a popular book published in … Continue reading Fasting and the Future of Health

Digital Detox Kit – Life Expansion and Wellness

Your Best Tool for Fighting Toxicity in the Digital Age The cornerstone of Humanity Upgrade™ is the Digital Detox Life Expansion and Wellness Kit. This tool captures the essential innovations and understandings of the other eight science and research pages. The Kit is designed to start you on your journey to an effective “digital detox.” … Continue reading Digital Detox Kit – Life Expansion and Wellness