Why Get A Hair Scan

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Hair is the best genetic biomarker. It is an ideal marker of your genetic/epigenetic history, providing an abundance of personalized data!

The Benefits


It is important to accurately monitor your health, wellness and vitality; however, this has long been a challenge. We know how to measure disease. Unfortunately, when disease markers show up, the problems are usually serious. What if we could identify and maintain health, wellness, vitality, and balance? The Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox Hair Analysis was designed to do just that.

Hair is the Best Genetic Biomarker: Hair Follicles Never Get Cancer!

Despite the fact that hair follicles are consistently exposed to UV light and multiple environmental toxins, they never get cancer. Hair grows during the day and repairs itself genetically every night. This repair is tied to the body’s circadian clock. An amazing clinical application of this finding may help cancer patients. When giving radiation or chemotherapy to mice in the morning, they lose 85% of their hair; if you give the same dose at night, they only lose 17%, keeping 83% – AMAZING! The mouse’s hair repairs itself every night, making it a perfect epigenetic biomarker. NASA uses this phenomenon to track astronauts during long stays in the space station. The following quotes are from NASA-published data on hair analysis:

“The hair shaft has an advantage in that it records the metabolic conditions of the environment where the subject is.”

“…(Hair) investigation examined the effect of long duration spaceflight on gene expression and trace element metabolism in the human body…”

Hair is a perfect marker of your genetic/epigenetic history providing an abundance of personalized data!



One of the greatest challenges in health and wellness is the measurement problem. There are many ways to measure disease but not vitality. That is, until now! Humanity Upgrade utilizes proprietary epigenetic technology to quantify your body’s toxicities and deficiencies. With just a few strands of your hair, we can measure EMF toxicity, deficiencies of vital nutrients, heavy metal poisoning, as well as foods to avoid. The Hair Analysis enables us to measure your results and progress during the Life Expansion and Wellness Program.



To understand this breakthrough technology, it is important to briefly explore a new branch of science called epigenetics. When DNA was first discovered, many scientists were certain they had found the “holy grail.” They thought DNA would unlock the cause and cure for every disease. The opposite has happened. Epigenetics has proven to be a much greater influence on the expression of health and wellness than DNA. It is proven that your environment, diet, and even your thoughts determine the expression of your genes and are the major determinants of your well-being. There are multiple studies showing that sugar, protein and saturated fat-laden diets cause the expression of pro-aging genes and turn off your protective antioxidant genes. Other studies have shown the impact of epigenetic influences across generations! This is the most important field of research for your long-term health, well-being and vitality.



One of the most resilient and effective biomarkers is your hair follicle. It is used by law enforcement, employers, and NASA. Our proprietary Epigenetic Mapping technology provides a unique interface for the collection and assessment of your bio-information.

All living tissues carry electromagnetic energy fields. This is similar to the way radio waves carry complex musical scores, or an MRI scan detects internal images in the body. Our technology measures these energy fields using scalar waves. This gives us the ability to excavate a tremendous amount of specific information about your health, wellness and vitality. We analyze over 800 epigenetic biomarkers, identifying your baseline status, which in turn guides your wellness plan.

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Closing The Gaps


These epigenetic indicators include digital-age toxicities and much more; antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and diet. We can monitor the impact of toxic electromagnetic frequencies and help you mitigate their effect.

A three-month follow-up scan will monitor your progress and identify your next plan of action. This is a breakthrough in health and wellness technology, finally solving the measurement problem. This report along with Humanity Upgrade’s life expansion and wellness technologies will help you take control of your life. The goal is healthy longevity. You can enjoy a happy, healthy life to 100 and beyond.