R e v i t a l y z e

The Revitalyze family of nutritional products are expertly designed to combat toxicity in the digital age. Our whole-food, plant-based inventory is combined with advanced epigenetic technologies to deliver nutrients that are specifically created for you. They effectively combat the toxic effects of our modern environment. The future of nutrition is custom and targeted. The nutritional plans of the past century used a shotgun approach. They overloaded you with substances you did not need while missing essential nutrients. The future of wellness and vitality is to precisely monitor the gaps, identifying exactly what you need. Our Digital Detox Life Expansion and Wellness Report makes this possible. Too much of a good thing will limit your energy as easily as not having enough. Besides our state-of-the-art customization program, Revitalyze helps to protect you against other forms of “toxicity in the digital age.”

Electromagnetic radiation even at very low frequencies has been proven to be harmful. These toxic electrical energies have a direct impact on your body, especially the heart, brain, skin, and sleep patterns. These toxins are unavoidable in technologically advanced societies. VGCC Stabilizer, D3 Amplifier and Melatonin Booster are specifically designed to deal with these modern threats.

Humanity Upgrade is here to further assist you by monitoring your progress with a three-month follow-up hair analysis. Our goal is to optimize your nutrition for healthy longevity with our completely natural, plant-based and organically grown ingredients.