General Information

General Information

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox kit reverses digital-age toxicity by promoting cellular rejuvenation, DNA vitalization, fat loss, and stem cell activation, all while conserving bone and muscle mass. Our modern environment is filled with ominous toxicities; most are misunderstood or ignored. Continued progress has created a new threat  (EMF, ELF, RF) that could have the most devastating health effects in history.

Digital Detox is based on two major breakthroughs in healthy longevity technology and offers the most effective way to counteract these threats. All personal transformation starts with upgrading your health. Take charge of your wellbeing and vitality today with the Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox.

Important Information:

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox and Custom Cellular Nutrition is a low-calorie nutrition program. Do not start if:

  • You are allergic to nuts, soy, oats, sesame, or celery/celeriac (Digital Detox may contain these)
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have dietary restrictions or fever, cough, diarrhea, or signs of an active infection
  • You have an active infection or are at risk of repetitive infection
  • You are malnourished, have experienced protein deficiency, or you are underweight per the chart below:
  • 4’11”-5’2” and under 100 pounds
  • 5’3”-5’4” and under 105 pounds
  • 5’5”-5’7” and under 115 pounds
  • 5’8”-5’10” and under 125 pounds
  • 5’11”-6’0” and under 135 pounds
  • 6’1”-6’4” and under 150 pounds

Important information for those with diagnosed medical conditions or age restrictions:

Do not use the Digital Detox and Life Expansion Custom Cellular Nutrition without a doctor’s supervision if you have a diagnosed medical condition or are under 18 or over 70. Diagnosed medical conditions include but are not limited to diabetes (types 1 or 2), cardiovascular disease, cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, or any history of fainting (syncope).

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