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Humanity Upgrade: Our New Story

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.”  Victor Hugo

Humanity Upgrade explores the most vital issues of our time. We are in the midst of the greatest transformation in human history. As we accelerate into the future, it is imperative that we identify the innovative solutions that will bring health, peace of mind, and prosperity. The challenges we face have become global. No longer can we see ourselves as separate from each other, the environment or technology. We must shed the old stories and ideas.

There is a new story emerging on our planet. Humanity Upgrade is committed to helping you identify your “new story” in this rapidly changing world. Together we will share the ideas and have the conversations that will reshape lives for generations to come. Humanity Upgrade offers a hybrid approach to healthy longevity. You will find relevant content regarding health, science, and technology. You will learn how to live a better life from thought leaders around the world. Humanity Upgrade’s global platform is an idea whose time has come.

Progress has blurred the lines between biology, technology, and psychology. In the relative blink of an eye, we have climbed down from the trees and ascended to the heights of accomplishment. Rapid progress is causing a growing group of people to feel left behind, forcing them to cling to the old stories and ideas that no longer work.

Humanity Upgrade is committed to being a resource that will forge a new path forward for humanity  – bringing together an ecosystem of experts who will address the fundamental challenges of today with innovative solutions. Enriching our lives for generations to come.

Every transformation in the history of humanity has offered unique and unforeseen challenges with amazing opportunities. They forced us to reevaluate everything we thought we knew about health, science, technology, and society. We will help you navigate these new challenges on your way to capitalizing on the amazing opportunities.

About The Founders

The founder of Humanity Upgrade, Carmen Gonzalez, has spent a lifetime at the top of her field. She’s published 35 online technology magazines and has created some of the largest tech events in history. Humanity Upgrade’s co-founder, Dr. Steven Cangiano, spent his early career in academic medicine before embracing the fields of alternative medicine. They have made it their life’s work to bring you a group of thought leaders with the most relevant and timely information together on one platform.

Together, we will forge a healthy, prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive path forward for our planet. Accelerating expansion is the new and indisputable story of humanity. We are in the “age of transformation.” In this new world, there is no pursuit more important than a “Humanity Upgrade.” The future will be determined by the decisions we make today. Never in history have those decisions been more important. Humanity Upgrade is an idea whose time has come!