Founder & CEO

Carmen Gonzalez is first and foremost a world-class entrepreneur. Over the past 30 years she has produced the world’s largest independent internet technology events. She published 15 leading technology print magazines and was a pioneer in the online publishing industry. She saw the future of media and quickly transitioned to online content with 34 magazines, 500,000 subscribers, and 10 million online viewers. As the co-founder and CEO of SYS-CON Media and Cloud Expo, Inc. Carmen oversaw SYS-CON’s sales and marketing functions. Under her leadership, the company was named to INC’s “Fastest-Growing 500 Privately Held Companies in North America,” three years in a row.

Carmen retired from SYS-CON Media in 2017, fortunately for all of us, she could not stay retired for long. Her husband Dr. Steven Cangiano put a bug in her ear about the healthy longevity space. The richest and largest generation in history is getting older. Boomers want to live longer, healthier, and happier and this societal health transformation is transcending all generations.

Carmen could not leave her first passion behind completely – she immediately saw the connection between healthspan and life science technologies. This generated her brainchild – Humanity UpgradeTM. Carmen’s entrepreneurial spirit was reinvigorated, and she developed the world’s most advanced healthy longevity platform with four world-class magazines and a media and events company to be launched in 2021. This could not be timelier. The largest industry in the world, healthcare, is being totally transformed. Humanity is becoming integrated with technology, especially when it comes to healthspan – the art of living a longer healthier life.

RD&T Media and Events with Humanity Upgrade Expo will inspire, educate, and empower. We will bring together leading life science tech companies, IT experts, healthy longevity innovators, and savvy consumers under one roof as our community leads the way in the greatest business and social transformation in history.  The burgeoning RD&T community is devoted to the connecting all the pieces on your personal and business journey to complete transformation, predictable success, and a long happy healthy life.

360 Multi-Media Solutions

Carmen Gonzalez has spent her professional career creating multi-media solutions for the largest technology firms in the world. She is a legend in the IT publishing, media, and events business. Constant innovation in the most fast-paced industry in the world was the key to her success – she attracted the biggest household names in the industry. She started in the days of print magazines and was one of the first adopters of an entirely on-line publishing presence. She leveraged her 34 magazines by giving voice to the industries foremost thought leaders and innovators. She then amplified their voice by producing some of the largest multimedia events in the cloud computing space ever delivered. She is now bringing this expertise and these solutions to the Life Sciences and healthcare industry with her brainchild – Humanity Upgrade.  Her mission is to create 360o enterprise solutions in the rapidly changing world of healthspan. With the industries best IT infrastructure, effective healthcare solutions, world-class thought leaders and upcoming multimedia events you will be a part of a community that will transform the world and forget a new path forward for humanity.