The Farm

Do You Know Who Grows Your Food?

Are you certain it is clean and wholesome, filled with the vital nutrients you need to thrive?

Is it grown in a sustainable, healthy environment?

The answer, for most of us, is a resounding no!

Humanity Upgrade is determined to change this trend through its strategic alliance with GrowMor Farms and their Proprietary Growpol Technology.

Growmor Farms offers the most innovative approach to organic farming available anywhere in the world. It is world-class at every level of the farm-to-table process.



Customized Organic Soils

Greg Flewelling, farm manager, has studied soil contents from around the world. He also understands healthy nutrition. This allows him to customize soil and maximize nutrition with every varietal. Imagine a tomato from Italy, a pepper from Spain or turmeric from India grown next door.


They convert compost into fertilizer through vermiculture. Composting and vermiculture allows them to manufacture their own customized soils and fertilizers on site anywhere in the world. Along with worm castings, they provide plants with a liquid fertilizer and topical foliar spray which insects do not like.

Vertical Growing

Their patented Growpol Vertical Growing System allows them to grow up to 10 times more food in the same space using 90% less water – how amazing is that?! Their system offers the widest range of plants and gives them control of every plant. They are the only farm with vertical bato bucket capability – a huge plus in comprehensive organic farming.


Growmor converts organic waste into soils through a proprietary composting process. Brian, Growmor Business Manager, pioneered large aerated static pile composting technology that was used in the 1996 Olympics. They then use vermiculture (worms), which is nature’s way of preparing and enriching the soil for maximum nutrition. Growmor’s innovations and expertise in organic conversion provides them with an abundance of soil amendment products others must pay for. This soil is pathogen, pesticide, fungicide and herbicide free.

Stressed Superfoods

The right amount of stress will motivate you; too much of it will cause burnout. Growmor Farms know the exact amount of stress to keep their plants motivated. One of the many ways they accomplish this is by titrating how the plants are watered. Growmor stops watering the plants from the top temporarily and provides a water source just below the roots, so the plants must expand their root systems to reach it. This expanded root system concentrates hi-grade nutrients in the plants: stressed organic superfoods offer the highest quality nutrition available anywhere.

Make Healthy Decisions

With every bite of food, you are making a health decision: Will you eat food that heals or harms? Most of us have no idea where our food comes from, who made it, how it was grown, how old it is or how nutritious it is. Growmor encourages you to visit. Come see their facility, meet their growers, see their plants and get to know your food again. Our goal is to help you create a new and healthier relationship with your food. This is the best way to good health.

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Do you know where your food comes from? Is it clean and wholesome? Is it grown in a sustainable, healthy environment? The answer for most of us is NO! Humanity Upgrade teams up with Growmor Farms, offering the most innovative approach to organic farming.