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Start Your Humanity Upgrade today with our Digital Detox Kit. The best-kept secret to healthy longevity.


The Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox Kit is a 5-day Cellular Reset Program and the best-kept secret to healthy longevity. It reverses digital-age toxicity by promoting cellular rejuvenation, DNA vitalization, fat loss, and stem cell activation, all while conserving bone and muscle mass. Digital Detox is based on two major breakthroughs in healthy longevity technology. These technologies have broad applications to our overall wellness and vitality. They also offer the most effective way to counteract modern-day “toxic energies” – EMF, ELF, and RF. The scientific evidence is undeniable: these environmental threats could have the most devastating health effects in history. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox offers the only reliable solution to digital-age toxicity.

The Health Benefits

Rejuvenate & Vitalize

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox transforms your health by activating your body’s natural processes of cellular detox and stem cell-based regeneration while conserving bone and muscle mass.

Decrease Body Fat

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox decreases body fat, focusing on stubborn areas such as your belly, as well as targeting other difficult fat tissue while preserving muscle and bone mass.

Encourage Weight Loss

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox will reset your metabolism so you can easily achieve your ideal weight, maintain a healthy BMI and enhance longevity.

Improve Mental Clarity

Toxic substances affect brain function. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox will improve your mental clarity with healthy nutrition that promotes cellular rejuvenation, reducing stress and anxiety.

Maintain Cardiovascular Health

It’s medical fact that with a healthy diet you can reverse heart disease. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox is your first step to regaining your cardiovascular health.

Decrease Body Inflammation

Inflammation is the basis of all chronic disease. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox cleanses your body on a cellular level, working on the cause of the illness rather than the symptoms.

Why Choose Us

The Only Real Solution to Digital-Age Toxicity

The Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox Kit takes advantage of the greatest health and longevity breakthroughs in history to deliver you the only solution with predictable results of a healthier, more energetic, leaner version of yourself. Our advanced technology offers the most effective way to counteract new environmental threats (EMF, ELF, RF) that could have the most devastating health effects in history. The Digital Detox kit offers a proven way to protect, revitalize and rejuvenate the body on a cellular level.

During the 5 days, the Digital Detox kit reverses digital-age toxicity by promoting cellular rejuvenation, DNA vitalization, fat loss, and stem cell activation, all while conserving bone and muscle mass. It offers a proven way to protect, revitalize and rejuvenate the body on a cellular level.





Digi Pills

Digi Detox Pills is a proprietary blend of superfoods inspired by NASA technology. While in space, astronauts take a similar formula of nutrients to counteract the effects of extremely toxic cosmic radiation. These harmful rays have been proven to directly damage DNA. Our Digi Detox Pills are specifically designed to help mitigate the ravages of similar toxins generated by our modern technologies, including EMF, ELF, and RF. While such electromagnetic radiation contains far less energy than that of space, their exponential proliferation makes them very dangerous. A recent German study showed that 24 hours of cellphone exposure caused the same amount of DNA damage as 1,600 X-rays! Though the human body can filter many toxins, toxic electrical energies are direct cellular toxins and we are unable to filter these; our bodies have no natural defense against them. Wireless technology has created an environment one-quintillion (that’s 1 with 18 zeros) times more electromagnetically concentrated than the environment our ancestors’ bodies evolved in. You need a predictable tool for protection. Our formula includes 14 key ingredients including apple pectin, spirulina, chlorella, and moringa. These, plus our other components, provide a rich array of cellular healing and protection. These ingredients provide a nutritional boost to cellular health.

Some of the many benefits include the increase of glutathione, a “master” antioxidant which helps the body detox. The anti-aging compounds lower the effects of oxidative stress and inflammation, and they include polyphenols, vitamin C, beta carotene, quercetin, and chlorogenic acid. These are associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

Hair Analysis

Humanity Upgrade offers the only digital detox hair analysis by utilizing proprietary epigenetic technology to quantify your body’s toxicities and deficiencies. With just a few strands of your hair, we can measure EMF toxicity, deficiencies in vital nutrients, heavy metal poisoning, as well as foods to avoid.

The hair analysis will provide a detailed Digital Detox Life Expansion Wellness Report that will release you from genetic limitations and open new wellness performance possibilities. The wellness report illustrates your toxicity levels and what nutrition you are lacking, enabling you to measure your results and progress during your Revitalyze Custom Cellular Nutrition phase.

Take charge of your well-being and vitality today with the Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox.

Wellness Report

The Digital Detox Life Expansion & Wellness Report is a customized, functional evaluation determining how your environment is affecting your well-being and vitality. The report shows functional indicators by effectively monitoring 800 different categories to determine the following:

  1. Your current functional status.
  2. The information you need to develop your wellness and vitality plan.
  3. The ability to monitor your progress and improve your results with a quarterly repeat scan.

There is a measurement problem in the wellness and vitality industry. Despite the many ways to monitor and diagnose disease, chronic illness is skyrocketing. The Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox Life Expansion & Wellness Report enables you to measure your results and track your progress by helping you understand your unique epigenetic indicators. Humanity Upgrade is the ultimate resource for you to be proactive in your pursuit of healthy longevity and moment-to-moment vitality.


Humanity Upgrade Believes in Providing you...

with real, plant-based, truly organic food.

Do you know where your food comes from? Is it clean and wholesome? Is it grown in a sustainable, healthy environment? The answer for most of us is NO!

Humanity Upgrade is determined to change this trend through our strategic alliance with GrowMor Farms and their Propriety Growpol Technology. GrowMor Farms offers the most innovative approach to organic farming.

Our digital detox nutritional meals are world class at every level of the farm-to-table process. We deliver the highest quality of organic, healing ingredients and powerful superfoods in our digital detox. Our meals have proven health benefits, providing optimal nourishment and improved physical performance, as well as offering cellular rejuvenation and mental clarity while accelerating weight loss.

Humanity Upgrade’s strategic alliances with strong industry experts allow us to understand the complex environmental health issues of our time in order to provide you with evidence-based solutions not offered elsewhere. Together, we will continuously deliver and enhance our technology to achieve the best health and well-being outcomes for all humanity.

Our comprehensive platform combines state-of-the-art products and world-class information delivered by renowned thought leaders. We are transforming how the world understands healthy longevity while providing you with your own personalized Humanity Upgrade.

The Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox Kit takes advantage of the greatest health and longevity breakthroughs in history to deliver predictable result for you. By using epigenetic technology, we have reshaped the way we approach life to reach optimal wellness. The environment is the key to how our genes express, and this impacts our daily wellness & illness-prevention regimens.

How It Works

Order Your Kit

See what all the buzz is about! Order your kit today and start your journey to optimal wellness. Discover delicious food that reverses digital toxicity and keeps you energized while losing weight. Your Digital Detox Kit will arrive 2- 3 business days after ordering.

Submit Hair Scan

Included in the Digital Detox bundle kit is your hair analysis. Read the instructions and quickly submit your hair sample in the radiation pouch and return envelope provided. You will receive your report by email in 4-5 business days.

Start Your Detox

Read the 5-day protocol on the inside lid of your kit and start your loading phase, consuming 1,100 calories. This will stimulate the hypothalamus to release fat deposits from problem areas while increasing your metabolic rate.

Day Two & Three

Day 2: Start burning fat while cleansing at a cellular level. This is called the autophagy phase. Day 3: Your body has depleted its sugar reserves and has transitioned to burning belly fat, known as the ketosis phase. This is also a great source of energy for your brain.

Day four & five

Autophagy continues as you burn more belly fat while cellular regeneration begins, removing and replacing damaged cells. As your cellular regeneration continues, your DNA is changing until you’re completely rejuvenated from within. This is known as the digital detoxification phase. Congratulations!

Read Your Report

By now you should have received your report. Check your email as well as your spam. Review the report carefully. The Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox Life Expansion & Wellness Report illustrates your toxicity levels, nutritional requirements and the nutrients your body is lacking.

Custom Nutrition

Start the three-month Revitalyze Custom Cellular Nutrition, your personalized wellness-alignment program, formulated to meet the specific requirements indicated in your report. You are on your way to optimal wellness. Cleanse, improve your metabolic health, reset aging and damaged cells, and much more.

Post Detox

Re-detox, Re-Detox, Re-Detox! Maintain your detox levels, stem cell rejuvenation, DNA vitalization, metabolic health, and your ideal weight with our Digital Detox Subscription Bundle Kit Plans. Monitor your progress and optimize your Revitalyze Custom Cellular Nutrition with quarterly hair analysis follow-ups for healthy longevity.

The Premium Plans

Get Your Humanity Upgrade, with our 5-day Digital Detox Premium  Kit, the best-kept secret to healthy longevity.

Per Kit
One Month Plan
Reboot, cleanse at a cellular level, promote cellular rejuvenation and DNA vitalization.
Also recommended if you want to lose 1-10 pounds.
1 Hair Analysis Kit
1 Wellness Report
10 Soups
15 Teas
4 Svgs: Dried Fruits
6 Svgs: Seeds
4 Svgs: Tigernut Crackers
5 Svgs: Kalamata Olives
30 Digi Pills
Per Kit
Three Month Plan
Ramp up your cellular rejuvenation and DNA vitalization while decreasing your toxicity levels.
Also recommended if you want to lose 10-20 pounds.
2 Hair Analysis Kits
2 Wellness Reports
30 Soups
45 Teas
12 Svgs: Dried Fruits
18 Svgs: Seeds
12 Svgs: Tigernut Crackers
15 Svgs: Kalamata Olives
90 Digi Pills
Per Kit
Six Month Plan
Maintain new cell growth, DNA vitalization and keep improving your metabolic health.
Also recommended if you want to lose 20-50 pounds.
3 Hair Analysis Kits
3 Wellness Reports
60 Soups
90 Teas
24 Svgs: Dried Fruits
36 Svgs: Seeds
24 Svgs: Tigernut Crackers
30 Svgs: Kalamata Olives
180 Digi Pills
Per Kit
Twelve Month Plan
Reach your ideal weight while supporting cellular rejuvenation and DNA vitalization.
Also recommended if you want to lose over 50 pounds.
4 Hair Analysis Kits
4 Wellness Reports
120 Soups
180 Teas
48 Svgs: Dried Fruits
72 Svgs: Seeds
48 Svgs: Tigernut Crackers
60 Svgs: Kalmata Olives
360 Digi Pills

Also Available at Our Store: Stand-alone Edition Digital Detox Kit and Stand-alone Hair Analysis Kit.

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