Why a Digital Detox

Why A Digital Detox


The Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox kit reverses digital-age toxicity by promoting cellular rejuvenation, DNA vitalization, fat loss, and stem cell activation, all while conserving bone and muscle mass. Our modern environment is filled with ominous toxicities; most are misunderstood or ignored. Continued progress has created a new threat  (EMF, ELF, RF) that could have the most devastating health effects in history.

Digital Detox is based on two major breakthroughs in healthy longevity technology and offers the most effective way to counteract these threats. All personal transformation starts with upgrading your health. Take charge of your well-being and vitality today with the Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox.


Nobel prize-winning science, along with decades of research has taken all the guesswork out of healthy longevity. Cellular Rejuvenation and DNA Vitalization is not another fad, it’s just the opposite. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox kit uses a billion years of evolutionary engineering to deliver to you a clean, healthy, energetic body. The goal is to extend healthy longevity to 100 and beyond!

Activating Your Body’s Vitalization & Regeneration Mechanisms

Your body was designed to effectively deal with significant food shortages. These shortages were a regular part of life. Evolution learned to use them to revitalize, rejuvenate, regenerate, and detoxify on a cellular and organ level. Your body built a natural, sophisticated, organized multi-system response to deal with low-calorie threats.

This response works in three ways



In a precisely controlled, low-calorie environment, your cells do some very deep cleaning. They convert to using old and damaged parts of the cell for fuel. The technical name for this process is autophagy. Cells are naturally and thoroughly cleansed and regenerated. The ones that are too far gone are eliminated from the body (apoptosis). This is the 2016 Nobel prize-winning science that transformed everyone’s understanding of detoxification.



Keto diets have been getting a lot of press lately. This saturated fat and protein diet fad may help you lose weight, but has been proven to be very unhealthy in the long term. Ketosis is when the body uses fat instead of sugar for fuel. This burns belly fat and is a great source of energy for your brain. Temporary ketosis is essential to this process. Long-term ketosis does not promote healthy longevity.



You have probably heard a lot lately about the healing power of stem cells. Stem cell transplants have been used to successfully treat severely immunocompromised cancer patients. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox promotes cellular rejuvenation and DNA Vitalization by stimulating your body’s stem cells, regenerating your immune system and organs. These are the amazing findings for the basis of the Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox.

Health Benefits

Rejuvenate & Vitalize

Humanity Upgrade 5- day Digital Detox transforms your health by activating your body’s natural processes of cellular detox & stem cell-based regeneration.

Decrease Body Fat

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox decreases body fat, focusing on stubborn areas such as your belly, as well as targeting other difficult fat tissue while preserving muscle and bone mass.

Encourage Weight Loss

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox resets your metabolism so you can easily achieve your ideal weight, maintain a healthy BMI, and conserve bone and muscle mass.

Plant Based and Organic

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox uses proprietary organic technology. Meals provide premium nutrition benefits, an additional fuel source, and optimal physical performance.

Improve Mental Clarity

Toxic substances affect brain function. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox will improve your mental clarity with healthy nutrition that promotes cellular rejuvenation, enhancing cognitive performance.

Maintain Cardiovascular Health

It’s medical fact that with a healthy diet you can reverse heart disease. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox is your first step to regaining your cardiovascular health.

Improve Sugar Levels & Blood Pressure

Diets with excess amounts of sugar have been proven to be toxic to the body on a genetic level. Healthy levels of blood glucose can be achieved with Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox.

Decrease Body Inflammation

Inflammation is the basis of all chronic disease. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox cleanses your body on a cellular level, working on the cause of the illness rather than the symptoms while reversing aging.


Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox Kit takes advantage of the greatest health and longevity breakthroughs in history to deliver predictable results for you. As you dig deeper into this program, you will see that we have the finest natural, organic products available anywhere, with a proprietary farm partnership that brings you state of the art nutrition. We provide a method to track your results and the resources to help you live to 100 and beyond. For further information, read more here: Humanity Upgrade MD.