Managing Editor

Carla Pastore has been teaching high school English for over ten years, and is the AP Literature teacher at her school. She completed her BA in Literature, MS in Educational Technology, and MA in Educational Leadership at Ramapo College. She currently sits on the Salameno School of Humanities and Global Studies Alumni Advisory Board at Ramapo, and previously served as the board’s president. Carla’s other work experience includes acting as associate publisher of a local N2 publication, advising her school’s student newspaper, and tutoring, among other things.

Carla’s passion for travel has led her to chaperone several student trips abroad in the hopes that her charges will learn about other cultures as well as themselves. She and her husband, who is a licensed Landscape Architect, have a baby girl and a spunky rescue dog. Carla’s interest in art and her husband’s architectural background have brought them on adventures from Barcelona to Fallingwater and Nashville to Wing’s Castle.

Carla enjoys being a member of her community’s women’s club and recipe club. And for her, living by a lake means a trip to the beach is just a walk away.