Solving the measurement problem

Solving the Measurement Problem

‘The measurement problem’ is a euphemism borrowed from the domain of pop-culture physics. One of the spooky things about the fundamental nature of reality is that the act of measurement collapses the infinite number of possible results down to one. Many well-known physicists are not comfortable with this reality. This controversy has spawned numerous unimaginable theories to explain this phenomenon – many worlds, for instance. There is much we do not comprehend about the fundamental nature of our existence.

The measurement problem in health and wellness is slightly different. The body is so complex and is affected by so many environmental, genetic and epigenetic variables that it is difficult to measure healthy vitality — we are much better at identifying disease. We elude to this in the research page on epigenetics. Your thoughts, feelings, actions, and environment determine the expression of your DNA and determine your health.

The Digital Detox Report is designed to solve the measurement problem. The technology used to create the Digital Detox Report monitors 800 different indicators and does the following:

  1. Determines your current functional status.
  2. Shows the information needed to develop your wellness and vitality plan.
  3. Gives the ability to monitor your progress and improve your results on a quarterly basis.

Your internal and external environments change daily. Different foods, various stressors, age, sleep patterns, environmental toxins, etc. affect the expression of your genes, and subsequently, your vitality. We refer to these stressors as “Toxicity in the Digital Age.” We find this to be an excellent descriptor for the overwhelming number of environmental mismatches causing stress and disease in our modern society. The Digital Detox Report offers an amazing innovation that allows us to effectively identify and monitor these environmental effects.

Why a Hair Analysis?

Hair analysis is commonly used by law enforcement and businesses as an effective screening tool. Hair is also a useful genetic biomarker. This is why NASA uses hair follicles to monitor astronauts in the harshest environment known to man – outer space. The following is a quote from NASA’s website (reference below):

“The hair shaft has an advantage in that it records the metabolic conditions of the environment where the subject is. The biomedical analyses of human hair exposed to a long-term space flight investigation examined the effect of long duration spaceflight on gene expression and trace element metabolism in the human body by analyzing human hair. This investigation pioneers the study of gene expression changes in astronauts at multiple time points in spaceflight. Actively dividing hair root cells can reveal a person’s physical health, while the hair shaft can record the metabolic conditions of a person’s living environment.”

Further utility of the hair follicle as a genetic marker was identified by researchers at the Salk Institute. When mice are given radiation in the morning, they lose 87% of their hair. When the same mouse is given the same dose of radiation in the evening, they keep 83% of their hair. The explanation given for this astonishing result is related to our circadian rhythm. At night, the hair follicle repairs itself perfectly, further evidence that hair is the ideal epigenetic biomarker.

How Does it Work?

The 1929 Nobel Prize went to the French physicist Louis de Broglie. He identified the wave properties of matter. Dr. de Broglie discovered that particles could also exhibit the properties of waves. This later became known as particle-wave duality. This fact is the scientific foundation of the Digital Detox Hair Analysis. The physics is complicated and controversial, much like the measurement problem cited above. The hair scan device identifies bioresonance frequencies of matter residues in your hair, turning them into a terabyte of data. This data is then analyzed to produce your unique wellness report. For a deeper look into the science, see the references below.

Innovation. How Does This Help You?

Traditionally, only world-class athletes experienced the amazing benefits of a specialized wellness plan and customized cellular nutrition. They gained a competitive advantage by focusing on the optimal levels of nutrition, rest, and activity. They never overloaded their bodies with excess nutrients, too much activity, and not enough rest. More is not always better and, often, when it comes to high performance, too much of a good thing can limit your energy, mental abilities, and vitality. Good health is about perfect balance. The optimal level of rest, activity, toxicity avoidance, and essential nutrients will dramatically improve performance. Historically, this was an expensive and time-consuming process, but no longer. With the help of the Digital Detox Report, we have perfected a system that will identify and match your precise needs. With your Digital Detox Program, you can identify your specific requirements and seamlessly titrate the ideal balance you deserve.


A digital detox hair analysis will help you unlock your health and performance potential. Your personal genetic/epigenetic indicators are easily identified. Hair is an amazing biomarker that carries an immense amount of personal information. This information can be used to determine the best healthy longevity plan for you.

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