Digi Detox Pills

Digi Detox Pills is a proprietary blend of superfoods inspired by NASA technology. While in space, astronauts take a similar formula of nutrients to counteract the effects of extremely toxic cosmic radiation. These harmful rays have been proven to directly damage DNA. Our Digi Detox Pills are specifically designed to help mitigate the ravages of similar toxins generated by our modern technologies, including EMF, ELF, and RF (see section on 5G). While earthbound electromagnetic radiation contains less energy than that in outer space, their exponential proliferation makes them very dangerous. A recent German study showed that 24 hours of cellphone exposure caused the same amount of DNA damage as 1,600 X-rays!

The human body can filter most toxins; toxic electrical energies, however, are a direct un-filterable cellular toxin. Our liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive system, skin, and immune system are constantly removing toxins from our system. Our bodies have no natural defense against wireless technologies. The proliferation of 5G has created an environment one-quintillion (that’s 1 with 18 zeros) times more electromagnetically concentrated than the environment our bodies evolved in. You deserve a predictable tool for protection.


University of Pittsburg – There is accumulating evidence for a role of oxidative stress in both the acute and chronic effects of ionizing radiation. Administration of organ-specific targeted antioxidant therapies has shown improvement in increased survival due to a decrease in acute and chronic toxicities.


NASA publication, see page 5 – there are dozens of other NASA publications referring to “anti-radiation supplements.


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