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Toxicity in the Digital Age
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This is by far the greatest time in history to be alive. Steven Pinker in his book, Enlightenment Now, articulates this fact in exquisite detail. Every great transition in history has brought great advances and unforeseen challenges. Toxicity in the digital age is our current challenge and an alarming trend. For the first time in a century, life expectancy in America is declining. Not since World War I and the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, that killed 675,000 people, have we seen a decrease in l...
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When DNA was first identified, many scientists were certain they had found the “holy grail.” They were sure DNA would unlock the cause and create a cure for every disease. It was soon discovered that the factors determining the expression of your DNA is far more important. Thus, the science of epigenetics was born. Epigenetics began with determining how cells with the same DNA turn into different organs. It is amazing to think that one fertilized egg cell turns into a complex organism calle...
Digi Detox Pills
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Digi Detox Pills is a proprietary blend of superfoods inspired by NASA technology. While in space, astronauts take a similar formula of nutrients to counteract the effects of extremely toxic cosmic radiation. These harmful rays have been proven to directly damage DNA. Our Digi Detox Pills are specifically designed to help mitigate the ravages of similar toxins generated by our modern technologies, including EMF, ELF, and RF (see section on 5G). While earthbound electromagnetic radiation contains...
Custom Cellular Nutrition
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For many years, only world-class athletes experienced the amazing benefits of custom cellular nutrition. They gained a competitive advantage by focusing on optimal levels of essential nutrients while never overloading their bodies with substances that had little to no incremental value. More is not always better, and often, when it comes to high performance, too much of a good thing can limit your energy and vitality. With Revitalyze Cellular Custom Nutrition, you will get the same benefits as a...
5G Hazards
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Could the health risks of pulsed electromagnetic fields be worse than asbestos, smoking, and obesity combined? Humanity UpgradeTM does not disseminate conspiracy theories or engage in fear-driven limbic hi-jack. Apocalyptic rhetoric is more about capturing eyeballs than telling the truth. A quick look at history will inform you that there are a scant few well-documented conspiracies om American history. Apocalypticism is a well-known religious philosophy and a much too common theme in recen...
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One of the greatest advances in healthy longevity research has been discovering the evolutionary process of autophagy. When the body is depleted of energy and/or nutrients, it turns on this ancient protective mechanism called autophagy. The cells of your body switch from using food as an energy source to using junk (aggregated proteins and damaged organelles) in the cell for energy. Clearing out the junk — as well as many other processes such as DNA repair — the release of potent antio...