Custom Cellular Nutrition

For many years, only world-class athletes experienced the amazing benefits of custom cellular nutrition. They gained a competitive advantage by focusing on optimal levels of essential nutrients while never overloading their bodies with substances that had little to no incremental value. More is not always better, and often, when it comes to high performance, too much of a good thing can limit your energy and vitality. With Revitalyze Cellular Custom Nutrition, you will get the same benefits as a world-class athlete. It starts with your Digital Detox Hair Analysis, which identifies your epigenetic signature. This allows our physicians to determine the perfect mix of nutrients to meet your exact lifestyle and functional needs. The Digital Detox Hair Analysis examines over 800 indicators. This data is immediately sent to our in-house physician who determines your perfect formulation by targeting your specific needs. Revitalyze Custom Cellular Nutrition is a breakthrough in nutritechnology. The guiding principle is to enhance what the body is doing right and give it the extra tools it needs to perform at optimal efficiency. Our goal is to optimize your body for healthy longevity with our completely natural, plant-based and organic nutrition.

Why Whole Food, Plant-Based Nutrition?

The article attached below is a bit technical and long but offers a comprehensive summary of the unequivocal benefits of custom nutrition. The takeaway, however, is that whole food, plant-based nutrition is critical to a healthy diet. Essential nutrients in their natural form are bioavailable. Our bodies evolved in a natural environment and were designed by evolution to absorb nutrients in their natural state. This is another pitfall of hyper-processed foods: They made provide calories but not nutrition!

Plant-based nutrition for healthcare professionals: implementing diet as a primary modality in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

“These nutrients are often enzymatic cofactors and may have both additive and synergistic pleiotropic effects that reduce risk of chronic disease.”


The Future of Health is Custom Nutrition

For many of the reasons listed above, custom nutrition is the future. The advantage you have with Revitalyze is the ability to be extremely granular on your specific needs. With our 20,743 formulations (and growing), we can deliver a custom supplement specifically designed for you. Genetic and blood screenings pale in comparison with the detail we can determine from your hair analysis. The following is a news story that emphasizes this new direction in nutrition.


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