Digital Detox Life Expansion and Wellness Kit

Your Best Tool for Fighting Toxicity in the Digital Age

The cornerstone of Humanity Upgrade™ is the Digital Detox Life Expansion and Wellness Kit. This tool captures the essential innovations and understandings of the other eight science and research pages. The Kit is designed to start you on your journey to an effective “digital detox.” For five days you focus on your personal wellness journey, you will then continue that journey for the next 25 days with your Digi Detox Pills.

This unique program is a 5-day Cellular Reset and the best-kept secret to healthy longevity. It reverses digital-age toxicity by promoting cellular rejuvenation, DNA vitalization, fat loss, and stem cell activation while conserving bone and muscle mass. It is expertly designed and easy to use. For five days you consume whole food, plant-based nutrition. This program is designed to get you from sugar-burning mode to fat-burning mode – aka, ketosis. Once in ketosis, your cellular mechanisms will turn on “autophagy,” the ultimate cellular deep cleanse and detox. The next phase is stem cell generation. Stem cells regenerate and rejuvenate your body systems. This program is natural, safely using millions of years of evolution to reset and detox.

Digital Detox is based on major breakthroughs in healthy longevity technology. These technologies have broad applications to our overall wellness and vitality. They offer the most effective way to counteract modern-day “toxic electrical energies” – EMF, ELF, and RF. The scientific evidence is undeniable: these environmental threats could have the most devastating health effects in history. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox offers the most reliable and predictable solution to digital-age toxicity.


Rejuvenate & Vitalize

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox transforms your health by activating your body’s natural processes of cellular detox and stem cell-based regeneration while conserving bone and muscle mass.

Decrease Body Fat

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox decreases body fat, focusing on stubborn areas such as your belly, as well as targeting other difficult fat tissue while preserving muscle and bone mass.

Encourage Weight Loss

Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox will reset your metabolism so you can easily achieve your ideal weight, maintain a healthy BMI, and enhance longevity.

Improve Mental Clarity

Toxic substances affect brain function. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox will improve your mental clarity with healthy nutrition that promotes cellular rejuvenation, reducing stress and anxiety.

Decrease Body Inflammation

Inflammation is the basis of all chronic disease. Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox cleanses your body on a cellular level, working on the cause of the illness rather than the symptoms.

Further Reading:

The Obesity Crisis

The obesity crisis is a common type of digital-age toxicity. Human beings have never had an abundance of high calorie, nutrient-poor food. For the first time in history, more people will die of complications of obesity than will die of malnutrition. There is an abundance of literature on this new and dangerous form of digital-age toxicity.

The following is a brief list of resources:




Stem Cell Regeneration

“Stem cell-based therapies can potentially reverse organ dysfunction and diseases…”


The Evolutionary Case for Dietary Modification:

“The remarkable effects of the typical 20–40% CR (calorie restriction) on aging and diseases in mice and rats are often viewed as responses evolved in mammals to adapt to periods of limited availability of food. However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for the protective effects of CR have likely evolved billions of years earlier in prokaryotes attempting to survive in an environment largely or completely devoid of energy sources while avoiding age-dependent damage that could compromise fitness.”