Certification Training

Certification Training

The Humanity Upgrade coaching certification program, Expansion Mindset, is uniquely engineered for our exponentially expanding world. The program is designed to help you adapt to the exceptional opportunities and significant challenges of the 21st Century. We are living in the greatest moment of change in human history. Solutions from the past will not work in a world that is transforming daily. In the blink of an eye, humanity has descended from the trees and transformed every aspect of our planet and how we live. This rapid transformation offers unique and unprecedented opportunities, and for many of us, overwhelming challenges. These challenges are rooted in a rapidly growing set of evolutionary mismatches. We must learn to adapt quickly to take advantage of these expanding opportunities. The following are the fundamentals of the HU Certification program. This is a 13-week comprehensive curriculum. An overview of the objectives and tools are listed here:

  1. Recreation Handbook – the fundamental goal of any life-enhancement program should be to predictably and quantifiably improve your moment-to-moment quality of consciousness. Using the ten daily recreations (TDR) of conscious awareness and a simple daily register, this goal is elegantly achieved.
  2. Creative Process Workbook – life is the creative process. The Creative Process Workbook offers a unique and accurate understanding of the conscious and unconscious creative process. This understanding will help you comprehend the principles of what controls behavior, offering unique and powerful insights.
  3. The Ultimate Secret (book) clearly and accurately defines the new reality we are evolving into. It defines, for the first time ever, the governing law of life and redefines the physical and intellectual operating laws in this new context.
  4. Expansion Mindset includes four fundamental properties. Expansion mindset takes the foundational work of growth mindset (vs. fixed mindset), advances the concepts, and applies them to today’s new realities. A fixed mindset was likely a survival feature during the slow process of evolution. It is now a bug. Expansion mindset is the nontrivial progression of growth mindset and includes:

Transformational Intelligence
This is the next important step beyond IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional intelligence).

Consciousness Processing
The world of information is exploding. Fake news, information half-life and the reproducibility crisis are just a few of the important topics you need to understand. This part of the program is designed to enhance your critically important relationship with information.

The Wisdom of Uncertainty
Learning to embrace uncertainty is a necessary skill for thriving in the 21st Century. We have never experienced such rapid change, and this acceleration is creating unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Those who can navigate these difficult waters will have a tremendous competitive advantage.

Intentional Transformation Technology
The change process follows a concept called complexity theory. Predictable change is a non-linear process that always includes certain benchmarks. The key success factor being resonant relationship. Resonant relationship is the reason everyone serious about transformation needs a coach. This section also discusses many of the evolutionary mismatches that typically block success, such as negativity bias, “what’s wrong” questions, psychological time, etc.