Humanity Upgrade Expo

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Humanity Upgrade Conference Series is an extension of RDT Media and Events Inc. These world-class, multi-media events will be hosted by RDT, but powered by people who want to move this world forward in an immediate, impactful and effective way. This is the greatest moment of change in human history. Thought leaders from around the world will meet, inform and have difficult yet important conversations in front of live audiences. Interact with and query these leaders to maximize your growth potential. These events are an ideal opportunity to meet, listen to and learn from the greatest minds in the fields of healthy longevity, toxicity in the digital age, relevant science and technology, as well as personal development. These topics are relevant to everyone and will expand your horizons in a new and exciting world.

Healthy Longevity – a topic that crosses all demographics and is, for many, their most important pursuit. The healthy longevity field is exploding with new and relevant insights. Scientists are discovering advanced and effective ways to extend not only your lifespan but your “healthspan.” This is the heart and soul of a “Humanity Upgrade.” Our events will offer the most current, relevant and powerful information in the healthy longevity field.

“Toxicity in the Digital Age” – there are a shocking number of environmental mismatches in our modern society. Digital-age toxicities are causing a decrease in life expectancy in the United States for the first time in 100 years. On the surface, this is a disturbing trend. In the context of food abundance, public safety, sanitation, and advanced medical technologies, this is alarming. This track in our conference series will explore the challenges we currently face and the potential solutions to creating healthy longevity.

Science and Technology – this is the age of transformation. Automation, digitization, robotics and artificial intelligence are disrupting industries and lives daily. You need a reliable source of information just to stay current with these trends, much less get ahead. What are the mental, emotional, physical and economic impacts of these dramatic changes? How do we deal with these disruptions as a society and as individuals in the most effective ways? We will explore the relevant topics, ask the important questions, and identify the best solutions to these vital issues.

Expansion Mindset – is the world’s foremost program for effectively navigating the age of transformation. Individually and collectively we need a completely new level of thinking to thrive in this transforming world we are evolving into. Expansion Mindset offers comprehensive tools and an effective program to thrive in the age of transformation.

Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Speakers – we will connect you with the information and solutions that will transform your life. All of our participants are hand-picked for their extraordinary teachings and amazing products. Begin “Your Journey to Success” with Humanity Upgradetm. There is no more important pursuit in the digital age than a Humanity Upgradetm. Join us in 2020 and transform your life; success is your destiny!