Digital Detox Life Expansion and Wellness Kit
by Carmen Cangiano
Your Best Tool for Fighting Toxicity in the Digital Age The cornerstone of Humanity Upgrade™ is the Digital Detox Life Expansion and Wellness Kit. This tool captures the essential innovations and understandings of the other eight science and research pages. The Kit is designed to start you on your journey to an effective “digital detox.” For five days you focus on your personal wellness journey, you will then continue that journey for the next 25 days with your Digi Detox Pills. This u...
Fasting and the Future of Health
by Carmen Cangiano
Healthy Longevity Fasting is becoming an accepted health-longevity intervention. Long practiced by many religious disciplines, it fell out of favor in the modern era of abundant high calorie, low nutrition food. Today, there is an explosion of research on the benefits of fasting. Many experts trace this resurgent trend to a popular book published in 1987, The 120 Year Diet Plan, by Dr. Roy Wolford M.D., professor of pathology at the UCLA School of Medicine. His work in biospheres one and two s...
Solving the measurement problem
by Carmen Cangiano
Solving the Measurement Problem 'The measurement problem' is a euphemism borrowed from the domain of pop-culture physics. One of the spooky things about the fundamental nature of reality is that the act of measurement collapses the infinite number of possible results down to one. Many well-known physicists are not comfortable with this reality. This controversy has spawned numerous unimaginable theories to explain this phenomenon – many worlds, for instance. There is much we do not comprehend...